Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dolphins in the Inlet

There are lots of dolphins in Sechelt Inlet - we saw a large pod travelling towards Porpoise Bay this morning, and it was incredible! Fins breaking the surface, blow holes puffing, like a big wheel of sea life turning itself down the fjord. In thirty years of recreating and living in the Inlet this is the first time we have seen a pod of dolphins. The pod is so large when it is all together that it can take 20 minutes to pass by, and several groups often split off to travel up Narrows or Salmon Inlet.

Prawning is excellent; with our visitors from today we enjoyed a lunch of dozens of freshly pulled prawns, sauteed in garlic and served with fresh veggies. Yum! We prawn every day and are lucky on most, so guests are assured of a delicious introduction to this West Coast specialty... or enjoy the catch of the day, whatever it is.

Trails are being swept and tents cleaned after the winter's storms in preparation for our groups coming up for an escape of wilderness solitude with all the comforts of home - cooking hub, barbecues, and everything to stay dry and clean and fresh from explorations.

We are accepting bookings NOW, so don't wait for summer. All platform tent cabins have woodburning stoves and air mattresses and are warm and cozy on spring nights; several have complete privacy and incredible views. Whether you're a group of 6 or 30 you'll find Bird Point exceeds your expectations - all our guests tell us so! We hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It was quite exciting this week. Our family of about 10 otters swam by, had some highjinx on our float, and then moved on to their den and slide south of dock. To view the otter den and their slide means a hike down South Trail. We've noticed that a large amount of eagles are back after about a 4 week disappearance over Christmas.

A recent morning with fresh snow on the ground entitled us to see cougar, bobcat and deer prints.

We did see some canada geese this winter, which I thought was odd, because I thought they all flew south! I guess not.

That's about it, except for the squacking heron every now and then and the odd screecher owl in the woods.